Representative FluxE renderings from a simulation of two stars merging.

Welcome to the FluxE download page

FluxE stands for Flux Explorer and is a software package for visualizing effective temperature and spectral flux density values computed from astrophysical simulations, focusing on stellar merger simulations. This system is an implementation of a framework designed to combine the approaches of observational and theoretical astronomers in studying distant astrophysical phenomena through the combination of a simulation volume and synthetic light curves. FluxE gives computational astrophysicists the ability to view simulated stellar mergers in the same way that observational astronomers view stellar mergers, with the added ability to view the simulated merger with spatial detail at multiple wavelengths. The researcher is provided with a variety of powerful features for exploring the data, including the abilities to superpose images from different wavelengths, to inspect precise wavelength intensities, to navigate through and within frames, and to animate sequences of images.

FluxE is written in Processing, which can be downloaded here. The primary author is John E. Wenskovitch Jr. (Virginia Tech) with some input and feedback from James C. Lombardi Jr. (Allegheny) and Roger W.M. Hatfull (Alberta). This code is free software licensed under the GNU GPL. If you use this package for work that is to be published, we ask that you inform us, acknowledge use of the package, and cite the following article:

Obtaining FluxE

To download FluxE, simply click on the following link. To unpack this file, issue the following command from the command prompt.

unzip fluxe1.0.zip

This will create a few sample input files (fluxes*.sph) as well as the directory named fluxe that contains the software package itself. The README.txt file in the fluxe directory discusses the package in more detail. To run the code, try the following.

cd fluxe
processing-java --sketch=`pwd` --run fluxe.pde &

Alternatively, or if you don't have processing-java installed, the last command could be replaced with the following.

processing fluxe.pde

If that doesn't work, you may just need to set DATA_PATH in the configuration file config.txt. For example, if your fluxes*.sph are in /home/user/sample/, then you could add the following line to the top of config.txt.



A number of indivuduals have given helpful feedback or contributions to FluxE. We are particularly grateful to Travis Court and Liam Dawson.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. AST-1313091 at Allegheny College. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.